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Arrested Chinese fraudsters World of Warcraft

Business with MMORPGs is booming - but also illegal page. In addition to countless gold farmers who work in large-scale gold in the game, only to sell it for real money to players, there are also other scams. Thus, ten Chinese have bought illegally on the black market of approximately 11,500 accounts of the MMO World of Warcraft for a dollar apiece. Then they have these accounts completely cleared out, stole all the items and all the gold and this then resold at a profit. The accounts of the players were obviously not intended for the sale - which of course would also be illegal. The players did not look bad when they tried to log in and their accounts were emptied.

The fraudsters were sentenced to several months imprisonment. The reason for this is that they have illegally gained access to the data and stored the stolen information and have forwarded. The leader of the band was even sentenced to two years' imprisonment and to pay a fine imposed in the amount of 600 euros. The Court considers that this man led the others to the act and they would have instructed. Therefore he had to be punished worse.

World of Warcraft is still one with currently 7.6 million players to the most successful online role playing games and of course thus also offers a large target for fraudsters and other criminals. Should you find that something is wrong with your account, then reports this immediately to the Support Blizzard and then sets together possibly a criminal complaint.

Latest Blizzard works with Warlords of Draenor to another addon for the MMORPG World of Warcraft, which puts you into the past of the fantasy world.

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