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China bans popular computer game for showing a coup

China has banned a popular computer game, Battlefield 4, because it depicts a fictional coup in the country.

The move has caused a lot of surprise because it comes after Chinese authorities indicated that the censorship on computer games will be relaxed.

The game contains scenes showing American soldiers fighting a combination of the Chinese and Russian army. China's ministry of culture said the game is a "cultural invasion" that "smears China's image".

Sources said that China views computer games as a propaganda tool that can influence the vast population of nearly 500 million young gamers in the country. It prohibits games made in Japan which is seen as a rival engaged in territorial disputes with China. On the other hand Chinese developers are encouraged to come up with games that show Japan losing a war over the disputed Diaoyu islands to Chinese soldiers.

Several popular games like Grand Theft Auto have been blocked, and some like 'World of Warcraft' were allowed after developers remove explicit sexual and violent themes.

The number of gamers rose 20.6% to 490 million in 2013, according to Chinese Game Industry Report. They spent nearly $14 billion pushing up revenue by 38% for the gaming industry during the period, it said.

The gaming industry has been expected a major relaxation on controls after Li Jianwei, head of the Internet Commerce department in the ministry of culture recently said that there would be changes in the approval process for games and it would be more streamlined than in the past.

The gaming industry report said the popularity of mobile games is rising and would soon surpass web games in terms of usage. Web games raked in revenues worth 13 billion Yuan in 2013 and it was closely followed by 11 billion Yuan for mobile gaming while social gaming made revenue of 5.4 billion Yuan. But it is console gaming which takes the cake producing revenue worth 89 billion Yuan in 2013.


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